Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Washington State PTA Wins Prestigious National PTA Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award

National PTA announced that Washington State PTA has won the very prestigious Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award, for our commitment to reach out to all families. A special thank you to WSPTA Outreach Director JMarie Johnson-Kola, region directors, and the region outreach team: Monika Scotti, Julie Haase, Brandi Dyment, Elizabeth Rogers, Ed Kyllonen, Michele Rufer, Sarah Smith, Raymond Kusumi, Holly Bocchi, Barbara Justis, Deb Roper, and Mirna Reyes! 

This award recognizes only one state, council, district, and local PTA, nation-wide, who works diligently to understand and embrace the diversity of all individuals, understands the differences yet commonalities in their communities, and to work to foster outstanding achievement in the areas of diversity and inclusion. 

This year, WSPTA had a five-phase outreach plan: phase one, holding two outreach summits, one on each side of the state, where PTA leaders, learned many facets of strengthening relations through outreach activities; phase two, conducting regional meetings to develop action plans to increase, retain and diversify PTA membership by reaching out to underrepresented groups;  phase three, holding a certificated outreach skills training workshop, that provided PTA leaders with critical training in cross-cultural competency, community project management, public speaking, social-emotional learning, and other areas to enhance communications; phase four, planning, executing, and implementing region outreach action plans; and, phase five, hosting an outreach luncheon at the 101st Annual WSPTA Convention, highlighting Outreach and Family Engagement.