Monday, May 12, 2014

Pre-Convention Session a Success

Delegates who arrived early to convention had a choice to attend one of two pre-convention sessions on Friday morning, April 25th.
  • Laura Katen, president of a NY-based training company shared strategies for strengthening communication and building rapport with others; and facilitated interactive exercises and discussions to help attendees more fully understand, practice, and apply key techniques presented.  There were numerous positive comments on how the speaker’s remarks truly resonated with the members, and that Laura’s presentation “was truly outstanding.”
  •  JP Pohl, Teen Truth’s Executive Producer & Co-Founder challenged attendees to think about how they treat others and empower you to find ways to be the difference in your school community to prevent bullying. These sessions were well received by attendees as evidenced by many comments, including the one that follows:
“Heard (JC Pohl) speak and got to see the video….This can potentially change and SAVE lives. It’s real, the video has some raw moments from Columbine and it’s definitely not set up for us here at the elementary level, but I will tell you what, my daughter WILL see this movie and hopefully witness the tour (Teen Truth) when she is old enough to process the footage and the reality of what went on there.”

For more information on the Teen Truth program, go to