Tuesday, May 13, 2014

National PTA Reflections Winners From Washington State

Congratulations to the following Washington State Students who won an award!  We here at WSPTA are excited and incredibly proud of each of you!

Thank you to all of the parents, and leaders who supported these students to achieve one of the highest honors in the Reflections Program.  Celebrate your success!!

Primary Division: Award of Excellence
  • Dance/Choreography - Sidhya Ganesh, “A Journey of a Blind Girl!” - Spiritridge Elementary PTA 2.3.85 
Primary Division: Award of Merit
  • Literature - Elise Moe, “The Little Seed” - Penny Creek PTA 7.3.42
  • Visual Arts - Kavya Chandrasekar, “A Better Future” - Discovery PTSA 2.6.9
Intermediate Division: Award of Merit
  • Visual Arts - Vatsal Chandel, “All Within My Reach” - Endeavour PTA 2.6.20
Middle School Division: Award of Merit
  • Visual Arts - Jessica Yu, “Even the smallest bird can have the biggest dream” - Brookside PTA 6.12.15
High School Division: Award of Merit
  •  Music Composition - Nora DeWater, “Draw My Life” - Redmond High PTSA 2.8.10
  • Photography - Alexandra Hanesworth, “The Magic of Words” - Anacortes High PTSA 8.2.70