Sunday, May 25, 2014

Help Decide WSPTA's Positions: Proposals for Resolutions, Legislative Principles and Legislative Platform

Resolutions outline the opinion and will of WSPTA to address statewide problems. Proposals are due June 15 for consideration at the fall legislative assembly. 

 Legislative principles give long-term guidance to our legislative advocacy and can be updated at the fall legislative assembly. Proposals to amend are due June 15.

Priority Platform“Top 5”
 : This short-term platform sets priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Issues are voted onto the platform for 2 years. In year one of the 2-year platform cycle, which is this year, delegates at legislative assembly will decide the Top 5 priorities. Deadline for proposals is June 15. Proposals will be reviewed over the summer by the legislative committee and the WSPTA board of directors.