Friday, April 19, 2013

Can PTA's pay for babysitting services during their events. If so, what are the rules to follow?

Can PTA's pay for babysitting services during their events.  If so, what are the rules to follow? 
If your PTA is insured through AIM, babysitting is covered under your General Liability insurance policy provided you follow the outlined precautions below to limit the risk of a claim:
Babysitting is only something you would provide during your organization meetings or other sponsored events. You must have two adult volunteers (18 years or older) in the room at all times. This dual rule protects against any molestation claims, provides a second witness to rule out false claims, and provides extra assistance in the case of an emergency. If paid baby sitters are involved, they will not be covered under this policy. This information comes from AIM, so if you have any further questions regarding this, call AIM for further details.
If your local unit doesn't have AIM insurance, then you will need to contact your insurance company to make sure that babysitting is covered.

Nominating Committee Unable to Find Nominees

Our Nominating Committee just finished its process and was unable to find nominees to fill all of the positions.  What do we do now?
Based on Article 5, Section 6 of the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, the Nominating Committee should continue seeking a candidate or candidates until its report is due (which is 15 days prior to the election), and if there are no candidates found then the report should so indicate.  At the general meeting at which the Nominating Committee’s report is read, the President should read the report, and then open the floor for nominations.  If no candidates come forward at that meeting, the same opportunity should be presented at any further general membership meetings that occur before July 1st.  If no one has been elected by July 1st, the current officers can stay in their positions until the new Executive Committee appoints someone to serve in that position.  If the Executive Committee does appoint someone, the appointment lasts until the next general membership meeting, at which time there should be another opportunity for nominations from the floor.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Charitable Organization Registraton Renewals

If our PTA made less than $50,000 in income, are we required to file the Charitable Organization Registration Renewal that is due May 31st?
If your income is under $50,000 then you are not required to register with the Secretary of State Charities Program.  The WSPTA does recommend that you update your PTA’s information by completing the Optional Registration/Renewal with the Secretary of State Charities Program.
If you have filed the Charitable Registration Renewal last year because your income was over $50,000, and this year your income is under $50,000, then you should complete the Optional Registration to update your PTA’s information with the Secretary of State office.