Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Seattle Council PTSA Named 2014 WSPTA Outreach Champion

Seattle Council PTSA received the WSPTA’s Outreach Champion award, in addition to being awarded a National PTA Urban Family Engagement Network Grant earlier this year. As part of their outreach efforts, they identified and engaged diverse families by partnering with their school district, community leaders, and representatives from the diverse communities they wanted to engage. In addition, they researched their demographic populations and created a nine-week family training program, utilizing their leadership team to get the word out. As a result, 24-30 individuals of diverse cultures were trained on family engagement and the results they saw were immediate. “Before the training sessions were even complete, some of the parents who formally were afraid to go into their children’s schools, had made appointments with teachers, talked to school officials, and addressed long standing issues,” said JMarie Johnson-Kola, WSPTA outreach director.