Friday, May 16, 2014

Question of the Week

Should we have the general membership approve our budget now or can we wait until after the new officers have started their work?

The budget should be approved in the spring, normally at the final membership meeting of the year.  The budget is usually developed by a budget or finance committee, chaired by the treasurer. Both incoming and outgoing officers may serve on this committee, since they have knowledge of what has occurred in the past and what plans are appropriate for the PTA in the future. After the budget has been drafted, it should be reviewed by the board of directors. Following the board’s review and approval, the budget must be presented to the membership for approval. Depending on when your final membership meeting is, this may occur before or after the transition of officers. A majority vote by the PTA’s general membership is required for approval of the budget at a general membership meeting. A PTA may modify the budget to meet its needs at a later date. More information on this process is found in the WSPTA Money Matters handbook.