Friday, February 14, 2014

Your PTA’s Nominating Committee

An organized nominating committee is essential to the health of your PTA and to ensure leadership growth. It is the time of year where PTAs will begin to hold elections for nominating committee members and officers for the 2014-2015 PTA term.  When nominating individuals to serve on your PTAs nominating committee, you should be looking for people with tact, integrity, discretion, and the ability to stand up for what they believe in. Sound judgment, familiarity with the needs of your PTA and the skills of evaluating possible nominees are essential.

Remember that your PTA officers must be elected prior to April 30th. Using this date, work backwards to build a timeline that will work for your PTA and give your nominating enough time to seek nominations hold interviews and post a nominating committee report at least 15 days prior to the meeting when the elections will be held.

Once your nominating committee is elected, it is important they have a meeting with the PTA president to go over this timeline and learn the expectations of their role as a committee.

The nominating committee notebook should include the following information: (located on the WSPTA website and in the Nominating Committee section of the Leadership Packet)

  • Date the nominating committee report is due to the board of directors.
  • Dates of PTA events for the year.
  • List of active PTA members
  • A sample recommendation for nomination form.  This is the form that will be sent to members for recommending someone to the nominating committee.
  • Contact information for the council officers, service delivery team members and the region director. (These individuals may serve as resources for your nominating committee.)
  • Copy of the local unit or council standing rules
  • Copy of the WSPTA Bylaws – or know where to find them
  • Job descriptions for applicable positions. (If your PTA doesn’t have job descriptions now is a good time to build some.)

The nominating committee’s major role and responsibility is to nominate the best qualified candidate(s) for each office. This requires giving careful consideration, both as individuals and as a committee, to the requirements and scope of the offices to be filled as well as to the qualifications and abilities needed to fill them, and to match these requirements to the qualifications of members.
Individuals that can’t serve on the nominating committee are as follows:

  • Anyone that served last year
  • The current sitting PTA president
  • No school district or administrator can serve on the nominating committee for the council with in the district where he or she is employed.

Remember it is important that this process be followed. Building an understanding for the importance of a nominating committee and working through these steps will help your PTA find qualified individuals to serve on your board of directors.