Friday, February 14, 2014

Mid-Year Membership Focus

Otha Thornton our National PTA President spoke these words at a recent PTA leadership convention.
“PTA participation gives us the courage, confidence and collective voice to confront the most pressing issues, like school violence or funding [cuts], that are preventing our children from reaching their true potential.” 

Let’s look to increase membership so we can have a loud voice for our students.
Membership is currently at 129,949, which is 7% down over this time last year. We have a goal of 145,000 and as of now we are at 89% of our goal. 

Why membership is important:
  • Olympia is up and running and think about how many students we speak for in the House and Senate. When we speak, it is the children we have in mind. 
  • We need to boost our numbers as we aim to increase our funding for the important work we do on behalf of students in this state.
  • Membership is the life line that sustains this organization and it’s many programs and activities that benefit children and families.

Look at what you have done so far this year in your unit for your school community parents and teachers. Do people know that it is thanks to PTA that a book fair runs or a social event happens? Don’t be afraid to ask your members if they know how PTA benefits the school. If we all did that, our voice would go through the roof as we advocate for kids at every level and grow our membership.

Look to increase your numbers and go for Platinum level membership award. That is a 20% increase in your membership over last year’s ending number. Number crunch and come up with a number then start to train up your new membership committee by letting them loose on boosting membership the second half of the year.

Be informed ~ Be Active ~ Be your kids biggest fan ~ Be PTA.