Friday, February 14, 2014

Top Reasons to Attend Convention

1. Be Inspired. Convention is the place where PTA leaders go to be inspired, and truly understand the power of this association and what it has accomplished for kids.

In 1929, Washington State PTA president, Mrs. Stellah Irvin wrote, “There are thousands of boys and girls coming to many crossroads in their lives every day and they are putting their hands trustingly in ours for guidance. May we secure sufficient education and understanding from PTA to guide their footsteps wisely.”

Reflecting on these words from the past, one can’t help but wonder how PTA has helped shape our nation. Its advocacy efforts have led to laws to protect children and youth. Its programs and activities have helped educate parents on topics relating to the welfare and education of their children. In fact, PTA has continuously placed the health, welfare, safety and education of children in forefront of our nation’s consciousness for 100+ years.

2. Leadership Education. Convention classes and general sessions help PTA leaders understand the issues, and learn the skills to be powerful and effective leaders and advocates.

Not only will convention help expand your vision of the PTA, it provides an opportunity to fulfill your PTA’s bylaw requirement for obtaining PTA leadership training for incoming PTA leaders. Convention classes cover a wide variety of leadership education topics that will help new PTA leaders as well as seasoned leaders. There are classes for every skill level.

3. Network. Get to know other PTA leaders from around the state, your council and region and bond and plan with your own board.

Convention is the best time of the year to meet other PTA leaders and learn about the programs and activities they are doing. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. It is also a great opportunity to meet vendors and develop new ideas for school assemblies, field trips, fundraisers and a wide-variety of enrichment opportunities for your students. Build on successful programs and introduce new programs for a fresh, new, and exciting PTA year!

Past WSPTA president, Mrs. C.V. Aspenwall wrote in 1927, “The task of the PTA is to stir the parenthood of the nation into a more serious attitude toward the problems with children.”

Today, our task is still the same. It is our duty and privilege to stir the decision-makers in our state into supporting all children. This association can make a difference for children and YOU can help. Attend the WSPTA Convention on April 25-27, 2014 at the Bellevue Hyatt Regency Hotel. Registration information will be posted on the WSPTA website soon!