Friday, February 14, 2014

Telling Your Story

Engage your members by informing them about what PTA does for kids. Share your story. How does your PTA support student learning and teachers? How does your PTA support parent engagement and community building? What programs and activities are made possible at your school because of your PTA and how do these activities contribute to the school environment and families in your community?

Tell the story about your PTA’s past accomplishments and what you are doing in your school today. Show them how PTA makes the best use of the members’ time, dollars, and commitment.

When PTA members see the value the association brings to the children and families at your school, they are more likely to join PTA and contribute their time and talents to your efforts.

Share the story of the origins of PTA and how it has shaped the nation. For over a century, PTA has successfully advocated for child labor laws, universal kindergarten, federally funded school hot lunches, juvenile justice system reform, and a number of other improvements in public safety, education and child welfare.

Share how PTA continues to shape our nation through legislative advocacy at the state and federal level, as well as in the local community. PTA, more than any other organization, is equipped to tackle the tough issues our children face today. Through pooled resources, legislative advocacy, effective leadership, PTA is a powerful force that can make a difference in the lives of all children. At the local level, PTAs have influenced decisions made by local school boards and in their cities and counties.

It starts with you! Now is the time to communicate the value of PTA to your members. Encourage everyone to be involved in your mission for kids--including moms, dads, grandparents, teachers and staff members as well as the greater community. People can contribute even when they no longer have children at your school. Together we can support children and build communities for a strong and healthy state and nation.

Reach out to the entire population of your school. Make a special efforts to include those who have not participated before. Diversity brings more perspectives to the table and can strengthen the effectiveness and relevance of PTA in a school. Your PTA can help all children by first reaching out to all parents.  Tell the story of your PTA to everyone and ask them to join!