Friday, February 14, 2014

State Reflections Committee Processing Entries

While local units are starting to wind down from all the hard work and dedication they poured into their local program. The WSPTA Reflections Committee is pleased to announce the state Reflections award winners:

Washington State leaders have done a phenomenal job of adhering to National PTA’s request to use the online system.  We have over 3,000 entries that were entered online this year!  Some of the difficulties that leaders had last year were addressed and corrected, and happily I can report that National PTA is working to continually improve the online system, making it user friendly for all of our volunteers.

We on the state committee are working to do our part by addressing some of the issues leaders are having with the Reflections guide, and we are hoping you will anxiously anticipate some of the upcoming changes.  I would really like to encourage any unit or leader to attend a Reflections class at our annual convention or one that is offered in your region.  It’s a great way to network with others on how their program is run.  You will also receive clarifications on rules like how to mount paper entries, what are acceptable formats and which unaltered forms are required for entry to be judged at state.

Thank you to ALL the countless volunteers and leaders across our state who provided this invaluable program to students this year!  Access to arts is just one of the ways that PTA advocates for children so please take time to celebrate all of your success!