Friday, September 27, 2013

Washington State PTA College Scholarship Grant Program

As you know, our scholarship grant program is funded by each PTA when you purchase awards through the Washington State PTA Online Store. Your efforts and support are very much appreciated as evidenced by the thank you letter we received on September 29, 2013:

Dear Washington State PTA Scholarship Donor/Committee,
Thank you so much for the generous $2,000 donation you have awarded me. Thanks to you and other scholarships I have received, I won’t have to take out any loans or pay much out of pocket this year as I received enough total scholarship money to cover the cost of tuition and a little more. I appreciate your generosity, and especially after working at minimum wage this summer, I realize that your gift is no little sum of money. My first classes start on the 25th and I am very excited! It’s hard to imagine giving out so much money to strangers, but I will use the scholarship so that someday hopefully I can help people as much as you have. Thank you! - Kelly