Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Membership News: Parents Guiding Students with the Help of PTA

As each year starts, we realize how quickly time passes, and that our student’s educational journey is shifting into high gear.  More and more, our students are mapping out their own course (or courses), navigating through relationships (some still under construction), detouring around homework, and perhaps making a wrong turn or two.

As parents we may not be driving our student’s education anymore.  We may be relegated to the passenger seat – or maybe even the back seat! However, as long as we stay with them through this journey, we can still be their Guiding Parental System (GPS).  We can help read the social, education, and job maps, lend a hand with finding the best route, and assist them in finding their way back should they temporarily get lost.

PTA would like to help parents travel with their students while they learn to “drive” their own futures.  We want to help you stay current on school events, activities, volunteer opportunities, and legislation that could affect our students’ educational route. 

So how is your GPS set for the coming year? Have you used all the resources available in your local unit to set a good route for the coming school year? September is PTA Membership Month—here we go!

Shelley Flores Region 2 Membership Chair