Friday, September 27, 2013

Get to Know the WSPTA Convention Sponsors: McDonald's

Washington State PTA and the Washington based owner/operator McDonald’s franchises have entered into a partnership agreement for the purpose of promoting healthy eating by kids and supporting local schools throughout the state. With their continued effort to offer more wholesome and balanced options, McDonalds has recently expanded its menu to include a number of lower calorie and more nutritional items, and of course promoting child health and well-being is a core value of Washington State PTA.
  • How long have you been participating at the WSPTA Convention?  The McDonald’s Washington State Owners Association is proud to be the platinum sponsor of the 100th Annual WSPTA Convention. With almost 270 stores and 15K employees statewide, the over 40 local owner operators recognize their impact and feel a responsibility to show their ongoing support of the equal and even greater contribution that the WSPTA and public school system provides to our communities.
  • What does this partnership with WSPTA mean to you? This relationship is of the utmost importance to the local McDonald’s Owner Operators. An overall goal in this partnership is to support our teachers and the public school system while concurrently promoting healthy eating and nutrition for our youth. By having a relationship with the WSPTA, we are welcoming an open dialogue regarding changing perceptions about our menu.
  • What would you like our members and Convention attendees to know about your business? The McDonald’s Washington State Owners Association consists of over 40 local residents who are committed to providing balanced choices to their customers. They are committed to menu evolution. They are committed to providing properly sourced food that you can feel good about eating. They are also committed to providing opportunities to their communities and currently employ over 15,000 local residents. They contribute to the local economy through jobs, agricultural and industry. McDonald’s presence in the state of Washington has created 40,575 jobs and $812.4 million in annual spending.