Monday, September 30, 2013

Membership Memo

I have never had so many membership cards in all the years that I have been a PTA member. It really makes me feel part of this great organization. They just keep popping into my e-mail box. If you are experiencing any issues here are a few pointers.
  • The e-mail address is vital to the process --each member will get their card via this process.
  • If you do not have an e-mail the card will be sent to the president who can print it out and give it to the member.
  • There are no hard copies of cards to distribute this year.
  • Each time members are entered to the state database the following morning a notification will be waiting in their inbox.
  • Payments from each local unit can be sent weekly or monthly to state just as long as all members entered by October 25th are paid for by October 25th.
  • Going for Bronze membership recognition? To be automatically considered for this make sure you have entered 50% of your last year’s member total by September 30th (tonight) at midnight.
Caroline Brown, WSPTA Membership Director