Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How often should board meetings and executive committee meetings occur?

The Best Practices list says, “Our PTA’s board of directors held regular meetings.”  How often is considered “regular”? And how often are executive committee meetings to be held? Also, regular meetings mean actually meeting face-to-face, not Facebook groups or email, correct? 

“Regular” board meetings mean that at the beginning of the year your board determined a schedule that works for them about how frequently they would meet to conduct business. The majority probably meet once a month, some meet twice a month, and some meet every other month. What makes it regular is that it is frequent enough to appropriately conduct the required business and that it is planned out. What wouldn’t be regular is if every time you suddenly realize you need to conduct business you call a board meeting 10 days from that day.
Executive committee (EC) meetings may or may not be held. Not all PTAs have regular EC meetings. The EC really has no authority to conduct any business and only brings recommendations to the board. For some PTAs, the EC does meet regularly because they find it expedites the board meeting for the EC to have done preliminary work before board discussions. Most PTAs only need EC meetings to conduct sensitive discussions, but it is still the board that would need to take any action.
To address the final part of your question, regular meetings can only take place in person. No meetings can take place by email or through Facebook.