Thursday, August 22, 2013

PTA Membership in High School

Your children’s high school years are critical in determining the direction they take in their lives and careers. At this important time in children’s lives, parents need to remain engaged in their education and maintain their involvement in PTA. Although the activities of a high school PTA are different from those of elementary and middle school PTAs, your involvement is still important and sends the clear message to your students that their education is important. When students know their parents are paying attention and know their teachers, they are more likely to be more responsible with their schoolwork and try harder at school. An added benefit of staying involved in PTA in your children’s high school years is that you learn valuable information on how to navigate the education system, how to advocate for your older kids, and have an opportunity to participate in social and educational programs to support the teenagers at your children’s school.
Thank you for continuing your commitment to PTA membership through your children’s high school years. You won’t regret your dedication to their education when they walk across the stage to graduate. For ideas on recruiting student members, click here. Other great membership tools and resources are found here.
Caroline Brown, WSPTA membership director