Monday, August 26, 2013

Membership Enrollment Process Improvements

The membership enrollment website, which will be ready soon, is located by clicking on “membership enrollment” in the top right corner of the WSPTA website. Membership entry and renewals will happen the same as last year. Some new processes are being put in place to help with the membership service fee payment process and welcoming members and providing membership card information.
Your PTA president, treasurer and membership chair will receive a login and password for the membership enrollment website soon, along with detailed instructions on how to navigate the website and enter your new members and renewals for next year.
Once those names have been entered into the membership database, individual members will receive a welcome email to indicate that they are now PTA members. The welcome letter will include their unit name and number, information about affinity programs and the link to activate their membership to take advantage of those programs, and a blank membership card they can print at home (and cut out and fill in) if they would like to carry a card with them in their wallets. Of course, in order for members to get the welcome letter, their email address must be accurately entered in the database. This welcome letter for any member whose email address is not in our membership database will be sent to the unit president.
Local unit membership chairs will no longer be responsible for printing and distributing membership cards. We hope these improvements to membership enrollments will help streamline your processes as membership chair. The WSPTA values you as a volunteer and respects the time and dedication it takes to be a local unit membership chair.  As always, the WSPTA is open to your suggestions and will use your feedback to continue to make improvements to this process next year. Please send any suggestions you have to