Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fire Up Your Feet

National PTA is partnering with Safe Routes to School and Kaiser Permanente  to bring families a new physical activity fundraiser called Fire Up Your Feet.

How does Fire Up Your Feet work?
  1. PTAs register for Fire Up Your Feet online and recruit families to participate.
  2. Participants build a family page.  Recruiting sponsors (i.e., friends, family) via an online donation form is optional.
  3. Parents and children walk together, share valuable conversation and learning experiences, while building positive behaviors and a love for physical activity. 
  4. Families track their walks with user-friendly online tools and, if desired, raise money for their PTAs. For those who opt to fundraise, 75% of the funds collected go directly to their local PTA to support other healthy lifestyles initiative, while the other 25% goes toward national efforts to support more safe routes to schools. 
  5. PTAs celebrate success!

Fire Up Your Feet helps PTA members live healthier, connect with their families, and raise money to improve their schools. For more information, visit