Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nominating Committee Unable to Find a Vice President

We recently completed our Nominating Committee process and held elections, and unfortunately were unsuccessful in finding a Vice President.  Our past Vice President has said she is willing to continue to serve until we find someone, but we have been told that WSPTA Uniform Bylaws prohibit someone from holding an elected office for more than two terms.  What should we do?
You are correct that the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws prohibit the same person from serving more than two consecutive terms in the same position.  However, under Article 5, Section 6(c) it states that officers’ terms are for “one (1) year or until their successors are elected.”  This means that she can serve in this position until someone is elected to replace her.  Continue to hold elections at every General Membership meeting, and make sure your meeting announcements (along with your newsletters and other forms of communication) advertise that you are seeking someone and will be holding elections for this position.  Be sure to document in your minutes that the floor was open for nominations for the unfilled position.  Make your best effort to actively fill this position and keep the process as transparent as possible.