Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A letter from Washington State PTA to Senate: Fund basic education before reducing revenue

A year and a half ago the Washington State Supreme Court clarified “paramount duty” as the state’s “first and highest priority.” That duty is to amply fund education for all children living in Washington.
Our courts concluded “ample” means “considerably more than just adequate or merely sufficient,” and the supreme court went on to rule that the state consistently falls short of even the lower bar. In its McCleary decision, the high court ruled the state must fully fund “basic education” with “stable and dependable state sources.”
Senate Bill 5939 is a revenue-reducing effort; its stated purpose is to provide tax relief to select individuals. It is a distraction from your first and highest priority and passage of it will hinder your ability to comply with the court and fund our schools, and more importantly fulfill your promises to over a million children.
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