Friday, May 10, 2013

Recording of Votes in Minutes

The WSPTA Secretary guidelines provide for recording of a vote as passing or failing, but do not address the right of a board member who votes ‘no’ or abstains from the vote to have his or her name and vote recorded in the minutes if the board member requests it.  What is the state PTA’s position on this question? 
If a board member votes, the results of a vote on a motion should be recorded, but not how individual participants voted.  There are two exceptions.  If someone abstained, particularly if the abstention is because of a real or perceived conflict of interest, that person’s name and the fact that s/he abstained should be recorded.  The other exception is when someone feels strongly that his/her dissenting viewpoint should be reflected in the record, that individual should be offered the opportunity to submit a dissenting statement to be added to the minutes prior to the time they are submitted for approval