Thursday, May 16, 2013

Convention Delegates Elect Officers, Make Decisions on Resolutions and Bylaw Amendments

Delegates at the WSPTA’s 100th Annual Convention elected the following WSPTA officers: President--Heather Gillette; Vice President--Barbara Martin; Secretary--Leanne Hawkins; Legislative Director--Sherry Krainick; Leadership Director--Dori Tate; and Membership Director--Caroline Brown. Also elected for the at-large members of the WSPTA Nominating Committee were Charlotte Kemble, Janine Kotan and Theresa Ramey. Congratulations and thank you for your willingness to serve this association.
Proposed bylaw amendments 1-4 and 6 were adopted as printed in the Voter’s Guide. Bylaw amendment 5 was not adopted.
With the exception of Proposed Resolution #14 (Tobacco Settlement Money), which delegates voted to send back to the Resolutions Committee, and amendments made to Proposed Resolution #27 (Equitable Educational Opportunities), the resolutions were adopted as proposed in the Voter’s Guide. The amendments to Proposed Bylaw Amendment #27 included inserting the words, “especially related to race, income and special needs” after the words, “...disparities for all subjects tested, at all grades” in the 1st Whereas statement, and inserting the words, “and social emotional learning” after the words “...math and science” in the 2nd bullet of the 4th Resolved statement. Proposed Resolution #27 was adopted as amended.