Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Forest View Elementary PTA is Outstanding Local Unit of the Year

Forest View Elementary PTA in Everett is only 6 years old and they are this year’s Outstanding Local Unit of the Year. They will represent PTAs from Washington State at the National PTA Convention in Cincinnati next month.
“The Forest View Elementary PTA was lucky to have a really strong foundation laid for us by the original board of directors in 2007 that came from several different schools and PTAs,” said Forest View PTA president, Laura Peterson. “Working from that foundation and with their mentorship, we have continued to grow our membership and strengthen our programs each year through the help of our generous families and volunteers.”
Forest View PTA enjoys a good relationship with school staff and administration. Staff participation at their PTA events makes it even more enjoyable for the students. Some of their free events include a PTA-sponsored “back to school” carnival each year in September, a school-wide science day that includes a science based assembly for all the students and multiple paid and volunteer presenters for all the various grades, a family health and safety night that included local vendors, an international dessert night that included a Native American Potlatch ceremony and a buffet of international desserts donated by parents.

They also hold a variety of other events with a nominal admission fee, including a school dance, bingo, gingerbread house night. They fund their PTA budget with an annual Fun Run in October and usually have enough extra funds to contribute toward to the school for technology, playground equipment, and IXL (electronic math program for all the students). Forest View PTA also uses its resources to support the arts by sponsoring an art docent program in the classroom and participating in the NPTA Reflections Program.
They were awarded first place in PTAs Taking Significant Action program for an exceptional program involving special education students. The PTA focused on adapting their big events to make them more accessible for special needs students. Forest View PTA held mini-events like carnival, gingerbread night and dance in the special education classrooms during school so these students got to participate in the fun as well. Additionally, they provide reserved seating for families with special needs at their before-school parent events and early entry to Bingo.
Forest View PTA was also recognized as an Honor Unit and received the Standards of Excellence award, reaching the gold level distinction for each of these achievements. They also received first place awards in website and communications categories. Congratulations, Forest View Elementary PTA!