Friday, May 17, 2013

Legislative Update

Still Asking: Make the hard choices. In this letter to legislators, PTA members share their stories (and budget lines) to remind Olympia: The quality of a comprehensive K-12 education can’t rest on inequitable and unstable local levies, private fund-raising, or grants for the select few. Please read, share and encourage members to contact their legislators.
·         Take Action: Stop delaying on basic education
News update: The state legislature ended its 2013 general session without an operations budget and without agreeing on key K-12 issues – such as how to fund and phase in the expanded program of basic education. Still no word on K-3 funding or when all kids will get access to the 24-credit diploma aligned with career and college expectations. A special session has started, but only a handful of leaders are engaged at this point. Most legislators are at home and would be happy to meet. You just need to ask.
·         Find your legislator
June deadlines for advocacy proposals:
  • Legislative proposals are due June 1
  • Resolutions proposals are due June 15
  • Proposals to amend WSPTA Legislative Principles are due June 15
Forms and information are posted on the website: