Saturday, October 12, 2013

Partnership With Verizon/etrak

Verizon/eTrak, the world’s smallest location tracking device, is now available to PTA parents for $199, offer includes device plus 1 year of service. NO MONTHLY FEE.  Plus, each subscription order earns a local unit $6 and $2 each for state and National PTA.

·         The size of a domino, it fits pockets, backpacks, purses, glove compartments, on belts or keyrings, or can be worn as a pendant.
·         Patented GPS+ technology is accurate indoors or outdoors.
·         Shows your child’s location on any smartphone or computer.
·         Create a Safety Circle where you expect your child to be. If he/she leaves the Safety Circle, eTrak notifies you and two others with a map of its exact location and turn-by-turn directions.
·         e-Trak’s Alert allows a child who is lost, hurt, or afraid, to notify up to three people via email and text. The message, “Emergency, send help to this location,” includes a map and directions. If eTrak moves, it updates the location and directions.

Please visit or call (800) 279-1261 to obtain a free device, subscribe to the tracking service, and earn PTA donations. For an informational flyer to distribute to your membership, click here.