Friday, October 18, 2013

Membership Enrollment Tips

  • This year officers should be treated like all other members in that you need to register them once they have paid their dues. The easiest way is to use rapid renew.
  • Email is an important way to communicate with members. Please take time to enter email addresses accurately. Only one email address should be entered for each member. Email addresses should have no spaces, only one @, no repeating periods (..), it should be just like you would enter it when sending an email to that person.
  • Is this a duplicate? When looking at the rapid renew list you might see the same name, address, etc. listed more than once, and think this is a duplicate. It is possible that the same person was entered more than once in prior years. Only activate a member once - you don't want to pay for the same person twice.
  • You can look under Membership Reports on the member enrollment web site for some new reports, including a list of enrolled members state shows as not yet paid (payment not yet entered, it takes some time to keep up).