Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Membership Service Fees

What are Membership Service Fees?

Membership service fees are collected by a PTA local unit and must include Washington State PTA’s membership service fee and the National PTA’s affiliation fee (sent to the Washington State PTA and forwarded by WSPTA to National PTA). If the local unit belongs to a council, it must also remit a separate council service fee directly to the council.

When are Membership Service Fees Remitted to the State PTA Office?

The service fee remittance due dates are October 25, January 25, and May 25. These are the only times your PTA is required to pay state and national service fees, although best business practice is to pay these dues monthly. All local units--both PTAs in a council and non-council units, send membership service fees to the State PTA office. New this year: Those units who are in a council will also send the per member council fees directly to the WSPTA office. (The WSPTA will collect these fees and send them to the councils.) If the council charges an annual unit fee you will be billed by the council directly for the unit fee.

Each month your unit will receive via email a remittance form (or invoice) which includes the per member dues for national, state, and council if applicable. This remittance form includes a summary page which shows the number of members registered the past month and the state national and council dues for those members along with information about where to send your payment. You should print this one page summary and send it along with your check. The pages following this summary page list the names of the members included on this invoice, and are included for your records.

The state office will send a statement listing unpaid invoices if payment is past due. At the end of each fiscal year, memberships entered online must balance with memberships paid by the local unit. If they don’t reconcile, the local unit will be billed for the balance. Be aware, however, that only checks in an amount matching the invoice will be accepted, and over payments cannot be refunded once fees have been forwarded to NPTA, so monitor your registrations and notify the state office immediately if you find duplicates.


Our membership service fee remittance form is several pages long, is there a way to send this to the WSPTA office electronically to eliminate the added expense of postage?


Yes. Please mail your PTA check to the WSPTA office using the regular mail, and send an electronic copy of your remittance form attached to an email addressed to dhines@wastatepta.org with a cc to support@wastatepta.org, stating in the body of the email the dollar amount of the check mailed and the check number as well as your PTA’s name.

As always, if you have a PTA-related question, please contact the WSPTA office at (253) 214-7410. We are here to help you!