Monday, October 21, 2013

Council Remittance Information

If your PTA is a member of a council where local units pay the council a per member fee this information is for you. Each week your unit is emailed a report called the Council Fee Remittance Form that lists the members registered during the past week and the fees due to council for these members. The instructions say to print and send the form along with the payment to council. Local units are free to choose how to process dues payments, including the following options:
  1. Units may choose to pay from this report weekly (check with council to see if they accept weekly payments – we understand some prefer monthly or less often).
  2. Or units may choose to save these reports and add them together to pay all at once.
  3. Or units may choose to ignore this report altogether. If a local unit chooses to ignore this report the unit can calculate the fees due by multiplying the number of registered members multiplied by the council per member fee and subtracting prior payments of council fees. An Excel spreadsheet which you may use for this purpose can be found here. You can find the number of registered members on any of the following reports available on the membership site.
  • the Membership Roster has the total enrolled on the last page
  • total enrolled can be found on the Legal Information report
  • the member roster export lists all active members of the unit and can be used to get a count.
  • NOT the online Statement of Fees Due which lists all members of the unit for whom state has not recorded state and national dues payment. This only reflects the status of state and national dues. The state database does not track council fees paid.