Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Urge the Budget Conference Committee to Stop Cuts to Education! Contact Your Member of Congress Now!

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Dear PTA Advocate:

We need your help! Congress is considering a long-term budget plan, and we need PTA members to reach out to them asking them to replace the sequester cuts with balanced, smarter alternatives.

A few weeks ago, Congress voted to end the government shutdown and continue funding the government through mid-January 2014. So what's next?  As part of the agreement -- members of the House of Representatives and Senate were selected to be part of a budget conference to identify long-term spending before December 15, 2013.

That means that members of Congress must hear from constituents NOW about funding priorities important to you!

In the last few years, almost 70 percent of deficit reduction has been from spending cuts to Non-defense Discretionary (NDD) programs, including education. You may recall that because  Congress failed to pass a balanced budget in 2012, all federally-funded education programs were subjected to a 5 percent automatic across-the-board cut at the beginning of 2013 (known as the sequester). Unless the sequester is resolved, cuts will continue for an additional nine years.

Please take action now to tell Congress you want the drastic cuts to education funding to stop!