Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Partnership With Verizon/Etrak

Verizon/eTrak, a new affinity partner with the WSPTA, which offers parents a device to help keep their kids safe, has announced a new pricing schedule for their service. PTA parents get the GPS location tracking system with a personal alert button a child can push if he/she gets lost, has an accident or perceives danger for only $199; the offer includes the device plus one year of service with no monthly fee! Plus the WSPTA, National PTA and local PTAs all receive donations for each subscription purchased!

Here’s how it works:
  • PTA parents go to eTrak.com/education or call 800-279-1261 to obtain their free device and subscribe to the tracking service.
  • eTrak will ship your device and bill your credit or debit card. eTrak will send donations to National, State and Local PTA  units, with a cumulative total of $10 for each subscription ($6 to local unit, $2 to State PTA, $2 to National PTA). For more information, click here.