Friday, June 7, 2013

How can we find out more about Legislative Assembly?

We are interested in the WSPTA Legislative Assembly. How can we find out more about this event and get involved?
Legislative Assembly is on October 18-19, 2013 (Friday-Saturday). Any PTA member may attend this event (there is a registration fee), but only voting delegates may vote. Local units determine who will represent their PTA as voting delegates. The number of delegates is determined by number of members in the PTA. However, each PTA gets at least two votes. The registration form will be available on the WSPTA website later this summer.
To get issues on the agenda at Legislative Assembly, proposals are due in June. They are vetted and reviewed by the legislative committee and the board of directors over the summer. A survey is sent out in early September to gather feedback, along with a guide that is posted online and sent out to presidents at local units for PTAs to review and discuss. The proposals are voted on at the legislative assembly. More information and current positions: