Thursday, June 20, 2013

Make Plans to Engage in Advocacy Next Year

Washington State PTA positions are voted on by delegates from your local PTA and council. If you’re a local leader and you don’t participate in WSPTA voting, your members won’t be part of the process. Make sure your PTA community is represented and help speak up for kids.
Here are 4 quick steps:
1. Let members know about the Proposed Issues Survey. In early September you will receive cut and paste messaging and a link for the proposed issues survey in Leadership News; please send out the link, post it on your website, etc. Results from this survey help guide delegates at Legislative Assembly, and can help you tailor your advocacy program.
2. Send a delegate to WSPTA Legislative Assembly on October 18-19, 2013 at the Sea-Tac Marriott. All local units can send at least 2 delegates; your total number depends on membership levels. See WSPTA bylaws: Also, check your local standing rules for how your PTA decides representation. Usually, it is the president and legislative chair, or designated alternates approved by the executive committee. Voting cards and an issue guide will be sent out to presidents in September. There will also be a guide available online, in both blog format and PDF.
3. Let members know what issues made the platform. In late October, issues are posted to We also maintain a blog with briefing papers on all the issues. Include links to Grassroots Connection,, and the Legislative Action Center,, on your website and in your e-news so members can engage and stay informed.
4. Recruit some friends and go to Focus Day on February 4, 2014. Network, meet with your legislators. Help get policies and budgets passed that support PTA’s mission and vision, and better yet, kids.