Friday, March 25, 2011

Does the Nominating Committee have to be unanimous?

Our PTA’s Nominating Committee is divided, with two of us  favoring one candidate and the third member favoring another.  Does the Nominating Committee’s decision have to be unanimous?  Also, if there is more than one candidate—either nominated by the committee or because someone  runs from the floor—should the candidates vote?  What about the President  who is presiding over the election.

The Nominating Committee’s decision is made by a majority vote—it does not require complete agreement by all members.  Having said that, keep in mind that the Nominating Committee is not limited to only one candidate for a position.  While having a contested election can sometimes
feel awkward in a group made up mostly of neighbors and friends, it’s often healthy for the membership to have different perspectives and leadership styles  from which to choose.  When there’s a contested election, it should be  conducted by secret written ballot.  The President or other person chairing the election meeting should appoint a Teller’s Committee to count the ballots and report the results.  All members present—including the candidates and the President—are entitled to cast a vote.