Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sharing Executive Positions

Our PTA’s standing rules do not allow for  sharing of positions (“co-president,” “co-treasurer” etc)” or, but the job of treasurer has become so complex that we’re having trouble finding one person willing to take on the job.  What would we need to do to allow for co-treasurers?  Are there any limitations on who can share the positions—for example could a husband and wife share the position?   

Generally speaking, there is nothing in the Bylaws that allow sharing positions, but there is also nothing specifically prohibiting it.  If your unit’s standing rules don’t allow sharing of positions, then the first step would be a vote of your membership to amend the standing rules, and the amendment should indicate whether each person will have a separate vote on the Board of Directors or whether the vote for the position will also be shared.  In this case, perhaps a better option would be to set up separate positions – one being a treasurer (responsible for monthly reports and tax filings) and the other being a bookkeeper (responsible for day-to-day activities, keeping track of check writing, bank deposits, and reimbursement requests).  

With respect to limitations, the Uniform Bylaws specifically provide that “In the event two (2) or more members of the same household hold offices in the same local unit or council, only one (1) shall co-sign financial matters.”  Article 5, Sec. 7 (a)(3).   Thus in the example you give, the husband and wife could be co-treasurer, but only one of them could be a signer on the bank account under this Bylaw provision.  In addition, whether it’s spouses or other relatives sharing the position, or a single person filling it, you want to make sure that there’s an unrelated person who is not a signer on any of the accounts who is charged with reviewing and signing the monthly bank statement(s) (original preferred but a copy acceptable) and looking at transaction with an eye to identifying anything that looks irregular.