Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Navigate the PTA Store Award Section

(The Red/Blue boxes are for replacement pins only)

  • Click on the certificate that you are ordering.... ie: Golden Acorn
  • Click on the number of awards for Golden Acorn you are ordering
  • Insert name of PTA/PTSA
  • Insert the name of the Recipient(s)
  • Insert Date the award is presented
  • Insert your Local Unit Numbers
  • Click "Add to Cart"

If you would like to order other awards then click "Continue Shopping"

If you have order all awards then click "Checkout Now"

Everyone needs to register.. create a username/password that can be passed on to other or just for you.

Insert the information that is needed
  •  Click Create Account
  •  Click Shipping option
  •  On next page is the payment information:

At top it states:
  • Credit Card
  • Custom Quote
  • ECheck (if paying with check, click here)
  • Give it a minute to refresh

  • Insert Name on Account
  • Insert Bank Name
  • Insert ABA (Routing) Number
  • Insert Account Number
  • Click Account type

  • Click "Continue Checkout" one time....wait
  • Check order... then logout.