Sunday, April 13, 2014

Arts Education Month Proclamations/Resolutions

Invite your city councils, local school boards, and arts organizations to join in Arts Education Month by issuing their own proclamations and resolutions. Your own PTA board can adopt one, too! Many cities, schools, and organizations are eager to join the governor in this annual effort to show support for the arts education that every child needs and this is an easy and impactful way to raise awareness in your communities about the value of arts education for every student. A sample proclamation/resolution can be found here. You can also get sample letters to introduce your request, and other handy tools on the ArtsEd Washington website. Then be sure to send your completed proclamations & resolutions to ArtsEd Washington so we can post them online. (And remember, if you want your city council or school board to issue a proclamation or resolution in April—Arts Education Month--it’s good to get on their busy agendas now!)