Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Important Member Registration Tips

  • Do NOT enter your officers. If you sent a list of officers to as requested the state office has or will enter them. If you have not done so please email the officer list now.
  • Searching before entering to see who is already enrolled saves you time and avoids duplication. (See “Search/Email Active Members” on the top menu bar on the membership site.)
  • Rapid renew saves data entry time especially for members whose contact information has not changed. All you have to do is click the check box and submit.
  • Email address is very important. Please take extra care to enter an email address in proper form.  A member can opt out of future emails and we don’t share emails, but having the member’s email helps to get them their membership card.
  • After you’ve searched to see who is already enrolled and then rapid renewed everyone you can, enter new members. You can save time if you wish by not entering address data. The Washington State PTA is saving money and paper by communicating electronically, so you only need to enter address for elected officers and those members for whom you want the address in the state database.  But remember: email address is very important so please do all you can to get a current email address for each member.