Monday, December 23, 2013

Second Deadline for Membership Service Fees is January 25

All local units--both PTAs in a council and non-council units, send membership service fees to the State PTA office. Your unit receives a weekly email remittance form containing the following information:
  • List of members registered that week, showing ID# and name
  • Total number of members registered that week
  • Fees due for state and national dues
  • Remittance information – where to send payment (state office)
  • Instruction to print and mail a copy with the payment

Your PTA does not need to pay these service fees weekly, however all membership service fees for members entered so far need to be submitted to the State PTA by the January 25 deadline.
Before sending in your payments, go to the membership enrollment website and email if you see any names (and ID numbers) that were inadvertently entered twice (referred to as a duplicate) on your membership roster.  For security purposes, the enrollment program does not allow for deletions except by a staff member.

If your PTA is waiting to submit your dues until shortly before January 25th, you may use a report called “Statement of Fees Due” which lists enrolled members for whom payment has not yet been received and recorded in the WSPTA membership database. This form is located on the WSPTA membership enrollment website. Local units may use this report instead of the remittance forms as documentation supporting dues payment.

At the end of each fiscal year, memberships entered online must balance with memberships paid by the local unit. If they don’t reconcile, the local unit will be billed for the balance. Be aware, however, that over payments cannot be refunded once fees have been forwarded to NPTA, so be very careful that the fees are paid correctly.