Monday, April 30, 2012

Elected officers in the same house?


Our local unit’s Nominating Committee is recommending one person for President and her husband as Treasurer—is that  permitted under the Bylaws?

There is no prohibition in the Uniform Bylaws against two or more members of the same household holding offices in the same PTA.  However Article 5, Section 7(a)(4) provides that “[i]In the event two (2) or more members of the same household hold offices in the same local unit or council, only one (1) shall co-sign financial matters.”  In other words, the couple can both be officers but only one of them can be authorized to sign contracts or checks.  The best practice, assuming both are elected, would be to have a decision made at  the first Board meeting as to which (if either) would be on the bank account and authorized to sign contracts, and record the decision in the minutes. You can find the current version of the Uniform Bylaws on the Washington State PTA website.