Saturday, March 31, 2012

Regarding Voting Delegates to Convention

Our local PTA has funding to send three people to the Washington State PTA Convention, but we’re only eligible for two delegate positions. One of the three who will be attending is also a member of another  PTA, which only has funding to send one person, even though they are eligible to send two delegates. Is it permissible for our ‘third’ representative to be a delegate for the ‘second’ PTA, even though they are not paying for the person’s expenses to attend the convention?

The Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws leave it to local units and councils to decide who will be their delegates, and while it’s typical that the registration fee and other expenses are paid by the unit or council being represented, there’s no requirement to that effect. So yes, your ‘third’ representative can serve as a delegate on behalf of the ‘second’ PTA, assuming of course that the ‘second’ PTA wants that person to represent it. Assuming the answer to that question is yes, the delegate will have to remember that s/he must cast any votes consistent with that PTA’s desires, notwithstanding that another PTA is paying her/his way.