Sunday, March 25, 2012

How many people can the nominating committee nominate for a position?

I am chair of the Nominating Committee for our local unit.  We have two well-qualified candidates for one of the open positions.  I read in the Nominating Committee section of the Leadership Packet that the Nominating Committee is supposed to select the “best qualified candidate(s) for each position.”  Doesn’t that mean that we should only nominate one person, given that both of them can’t be the “best” candidate? 

You are correct that the language of the Leadership Packet may be subject to two interpretations, but the Uniform Bylaws are very explicit on this point:  Article 5, Section 5(b) provides that “The nominating committee shall submit to the membership . . .  the name of one (1) or more candidates for each office to be filled.”  Therefore your committee can put both forward both names for the position, and leave the decision to the members.