Thursday, February 21, 2013

Make the Membership Pitch Relevant to Males

The number one reason men join PTA is "to work to improve the school for the benefit of my child/children." Therefore, explain how a father's involvement in PTA shows added interest in his child's education and school activities, provides greater support for his child's teachers and school and improves relationships between parents and school personnel. Use specific messaging and advertising aimed at men. Be sure to show men's involvement in your PTA in your communications to members and potential members.
Ask the women in your PTA to invite the men in their children's lives to join PTA. Moms can (and should) influence dads to join PTA! Create more volunteer opportunities and special events for dads. Events aimed at fathers can raise awareness that other fathers are actively involved. When men see that other men are involved, they are more likely to join. Emphasize that becoming a PTA member doesn't necessarily involve a large time commitment. Communicate with men the way they want to be reached. Men want fewer meetings, and at more convenient times, and they want meetings to have a clear agenda and be results-oriented. Brief communications tend to make men pay more attention to the message or issue at hand—and more likely to participate.
Seek male members in the community. Present the PTA message at local service clubs that have a large male contingent, such as Rotary, Kiwanis, or Lions clubs. If men see that other club members support the work of PTA, they might be more likely to join. Recognize and celebrate members. Reinforcing men's contributions, while being mindful of what all members do for PTA, creates a positive atmosphere.