Saturday, October 6, 2012

Student Members' Voting Rights

Our local unit has student members, and one of those members is serving as our legislative chair. We’re planning on bringing him to the Legislative Assembly, but want to know whether he can be a voting delegate since he is under eighteen years of age.
What a great way to introduce students to the legislative process—thanks for sharing the idea.  And yes, he can be a voting delegate, assuming he is enrolled as a member of your local unit and presents a delegate card signed by the local unit president when he checks in at Legislative Assembly. 

WSPTA encourages student memberships, and many PTAs use the PTSA designation (with the “S” standing for “students”) as a way of reflecting that students are a key part of our mission.  The only restriction in the Uniform Bylaws limiting student members is that members who are under age 18 cannot be elected officers.  Otherwise they are entitled to the same voice and vote as any other